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It all started as an idea to make high quality wines that would represent our land and express the potential of Swiss Italian wines, largely unknown to the international fine wine drinking community. The combination of soil composition, climatic conditions, aspect of  the vineyard,  meticulous farming and a very talented winemaker gave us the opportunity to turn this idea into reality in Vacallo, just a couple of kilometers from the Italian border.

We make wines that are in style somewhere in-between Right Bank Bordeaux and Super Tuscans, but have their own local expression.

It is a very small production and the focus is entirely on quality, starting from the vineyard all the way to the winemaking technique and aging.

In the vineyard we use integrated farming, which is prescribed in Switzerland, with a particular focus on letting nature take care of disease prevention and fighting as much as possible. We have worked to reduce yields to the optimal level to express the terroir and we continue to fine tune to achieve the best possible outcome. Each harvest is handpicked and the fruit selection is very thorough.

In the cellar we also have a very disciplined approach and we limit the use of sulfites to well below the organic official threshold. Our barriques and barrels are carefully selected based on each single harvest conditions and in some cases customised to achieve the best possible integration of tannins with the fruit.

It all comes together in the very high quality bottle which ensure smooth aging and for the label we use exclusive art work from a friend and artist Emilio “Toto” Martinenghi, for which we own the original works.

Soledì Sagl - vigna.jpg

Soledì was founded in 2018 by the three Ferraroni brothers (Ivan, Corrado and Emiliana) with the aim of realizing a project that could sanction their strong bond and pay tribute to the territory where they grew up: the Canton Ticino.

The Soledì wines are born in the vineyard called Ronco, which is located on the right side of the Val delle Cognane, with a vineyard area of ​​3000 square meters which boasts over 50 years of age for half of the vineyard.

The vineyard is terraced and is exposed to south-south / west, with an extremely optimal orientation where the sun never fails.

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