The Michelin-Starred Chef Felice Lo Basso offers wine and food pairings with Soledì wines in his restaurant.

Here you can find the courses he has paired for NiK1 2017 and Emiolé 2017.


Steamed bun

Chef Felice Lo Basso

Already from the first NiK1 tasting occasion, Chef Lo Basso thought of a snack that would enhance the tasting experience: steamed bun with marinated zander, “Alpe Bonello-Valle di Muggio” cheese and smoked peach.

Double ravioli stuffed with beef cheek and provolone cheese, cherries in red wine

Chef Felice Lo Basso

Double ravioli was born as a game almost 10 years ago because I used to combine two very tasty fillings in a single raviolo and combine them with cherries cooked in wine that represent my homeland of Puglia.

Venison fillet and red nuances

Chef Felice Lo Basso

Dish inspired by the memories of my experience in South Tyrol, then the products of the mountain, combining acid and sweet flavors of red fruit that I love very much.

Local pugliese lamb in three steps

Chef Felice Lo Basso

A dish inspired by my land. In this dish I can use both the noble parts and the internal parts, accompanying them with two vegetables rich in iron and balanced: the artichoke and the chard.

Pigeon, pumpkin and coffee

Chef Felice Lo Basso

This dish has the right characteristics to be combined with Emiolé 2017. The sweetness of the pumpkin together with the bitterness of the coffee go perfectly with this intriguing wine.

Risotto with pecorino, radicchio and cardoncelli

Chef Felice Lo Basso

This is a risotto that has a strong taste. My “gamble” is therefore to combine it with a red wine like Emiolé 2017.

Cod and spinach cannelloni with bottarga

Chef Felice Lo Basso

This is a really interesting dish… even if it is fishy, ​​it is of great taste! I therefore chose to combine it with a red wine like Emiolé 2017, because it is a fatty fish.

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